Group or Private Yoga Lessons

Private lessons benefit all levels of students from complete beginners to advanced students, and are offered in the privacy of your own home.   Personalized yoga lessons are the most effective form of yoga and the quickest way to reach your goals. Individually tailored programs allow clients to progress continually.  Regular practice will calm the mind, improve balance and flexibility, tone muscles, and bring the body back into proper alignment so it physically functions in the most optimal way. The word yoga means union, the union of mind, body and soul. It will improve the quality of your life, and in time, change the way you think, feel and live. 

Privates are ideal for people who:
1.    Are too busy and cannot find time to attend a scheduled class at a gym or yoga center
2.    Are easily distracted or feel competitive in a group class
3.    Are at a plateau in their yoga practice, and feel the need for individual attention to progress
4.    Are recovering from an injury or illness
5.    Are new to yoga and need help to get started
A simple desire to practice yoga is the only reason you need! 

$100: 60 minutes          
$125: 75 minutes           
$150: 90 minutes
*Couples or small groups accommodated at no extra charge*

Gift Certificates Available
 To schedule a lesson call  858.204.9642