Insurance Coverage
If contracted with your insurance plan, I will submit claims for you. If I am not contracted with your plan, I will request payment at the time of service. A receipt for reimbursement from Flex Plans or Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) can be provided upon request. 

Out-of-Pocket Fee's

Single Acupuncture Treatment:
$150 Initial consultation w/treatment

$100 Single treatment

Acupuncture Packages:
$300 = 4 treatments   |   $420 = 6 treatments   |   $650 = 10 treatments


CUPPING:  $39 
What is Cupping?
Cupping is a healing therapy that consists of placing glass cups on the skin with vacuum suction. Cupping is used to enhance acupuncture treatment, stimulate circulation and relieve swelling. It increases blood flow to the surface of the skin, removing disease-causing toxins. Cupping is especially beneficial for muscular pain occurring in the neck, back and shoulders. 
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$100: 60 minutes
$125: 75 minutes
$150: 90 minutes

Private lessons benefit all levels of students from complete beginners to advanced students, and are offered in the privacy of your own home.   Personalized yoga lessons are the most effective form of yoga and the quickest way to reach your goals. Individually tailored programs allow clients to progress continually.  Regular practice will calm the mind, strengthen & lengthen muscles,  and improve balance & coordination. Bring your body back into proper alignment so it physically functions in the most optimal way.

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