For Your 1st Visit

  • Never arrive for acupuncture on an empty stomach. Some food should have been eaten within an hour before treatment.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can be easily pulled up above the knees and elbows.
  • Avoid overeating, alcohol, and high stress situations before and after your treatment. 
  • Be sure to have completed all required health questionnaires (see FORMS) 
  • Remember to keep good mental or written notes of what your response is to the treatment. This is important for your acupuncturist to know so that the following treatments can be designed to best help you and your problem.
  • Long term results take time. Do not expect to feel better immediately. Some patients recover quickly, while others respond gradually over a period of time.
How Long Does it Take? 
The 1st appointment will take about 75 minutes, subsequent treatments will last between 45-60 minutes. 

Please have all patient forms completed when you arrive.  

To download patient forms click here

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